The Grassroots Fundraising Journal Thanks You

There are hundreds of people who worked on the Journal over its almost four-decade run, and it is impossible to thank them all.  But there are a few people who must be singled out for their part in making this archive and the collection at Nonprofit Quarterly possible.  They believed the articles in the Journal ought to continue to be free and accessible to anyone who finds them useful.  We are deeply grateful to each of you.   

Myn Adess, Jennifer Emiko Boyden, Marjorie Fine, Sandy Hong, Priscilla Hung, Kim Klein, Steve Lew, Natalia López, Ruth McCambridge, Andy Robinson, Stephanie Roth, Joel Toner, and John Won and all the authors who gave permission to have their articles appear in these collections.  Each of you know what role you played in making the Journal a great, practical, reliable publication and in ensuring the insights and philosophy the Journal promoted will be permanently free and accessible to all.